Village Board Adopts 2024 Budget

2024 Budget coverThe Village Board adopted the 2024 Village Budget following a public hearing on November 21, 2023. The 2024 Budget is the culmination of a three-month process involving direction from the Village Board, and teamwork among staff members and department heads across the organization. The 2024 Budget aims to continue high-quality municipal services, without any significant addition or reduction in staffing or service levels.

To download the draft 2024 Budget book, click here

Following are highlights from the adopted 2024 Budget:

  • The Village’s portion of the property tax levy will increase by $109,966 (1.0%) compared to last year.
  • The Village tax rate is $6.54 per $1,000 in assessed value, an increase of 2.6%. A home assessed at $300,000 will see an increase of $49.50 in the Village portion of their tax bill.
  • General Fund revenues overall increase of $458,368 (3.7%) over 2023.
    • Increase of State Shared Revenue of $359,790 (148.0%) as a result of the Local Government Funding Bill (2023 Wisconsin Act 23).
    • Increase of $252,017 in interest earnings.
    • State tranportation aid is slated to increase $96,367.
    • EMS revenues budgeted to grow by $50,000.
    • Decreases in building permit revenues and police fines to align with recent trends.
  • General Fund expenses are budgeted to increase $502,290 (4.0%) compared to 2023.
    • 4.0% wage increase overall in accordance with union contracts and the Village's merit pay system.
    • Health insurance premiums decrease by 0.8%, facilitated by the transition to a high-deductible plan, thereby avoiding a $200,000 premium increase under the lower deductible plan.
    • $22,000 budgeted for a Health Reimbursement Arrangement (HRA) to assist non-represented employees with additional deductible costs.
    • Wisconsin Retirement System contributions are scheduled to increase 1.1% for protective services personnel and 0.1% for general classification personnel.
    • Risk insurance is budgeted to decrease -$46,075 (-11.1%) primarily due to a reduction in the Village’s worker’s compensation mod rating.
    • Election-related salaries are slated to rise by $12,710 (101.4%) due to the scheduling of four elections, compared to two in 2023.
    • Snow and ice removal expenses are expected to increase by $15,511 (16.7%), primarily driven by elevated salt costs.
    • Garbage disposal costs are budgeted to increase by $33,993 (15.5%). 
    • Increased maintenance costs for both the Police Department (an increase of $6,000) and the Fire Department (an increase of $7,000).
    • Ambulance supply costs are projected to rise by $10,000 (37.3%).
  • Expenses in the Recycling Fund show a rise of $6,618 (1.8%). To counterbalance these expenses, the quarterly recycling fee is set toincrease by one dollar, going from $14.00 to $15.00.
  • Roads and Facilities Plan - Projects totaling $4.6 million in 2024, with funding support from WisDOT aid of $2.2 million. Projects to include W. Grange Ave. (84th St. to 76th St.), Greenmeadow Ln., Forest Ct., Foxley Ct., Sterling Ct., Euston St. (Edgemont Ave. to Elstead Ave.), Eastway Parking Lane, LED Street Light Conversions (Design/Engineering) and Fiber Connections to DPW, Water Tower and Hose Tower.
  • Facilities Improvement Plan - Projects totaling $214,500, including Village Hall brick repairs, park improvements, Hose Tower flooring replacement, Health Dept. restroom remodel,  and Library acoustical panels.
  • Equipment Replacement Plan - Projects totaling $885,988, with funding support from ARPA Aid ($780,589) and Kolisch donations ($20,000). Purchases to include two DPW trucks, two Police squad cars, Police body cameras replacements, Police drone program, ambulance, and library self-checkout kiosks.

To view past budgets and financial statements, visit the Finance Director/Treasurer department webpage.