Online Payments

CLICK LINK TO PAY:  Citation & Parking Ticket

Steps to paying your citation/parking 
  • Step 1. Search Your Bills. Select Payment Type:
    • Citation (traffic and/or ordinance violation) …Click CONTINUE
    • Or Parking …Click CONTINUE

Use Option 1* Last Name (only), * Citation No. (must use dash symbol (-) if one is shown and if you have more than one citation, only one citation is needed to be entered) …Click SEARCH…Add To Cart …Click CONTINUE 
NOTE:  If you are paying parking ticket, only the * ticket number is required …Click SEARCH…Add To Cart …Click CONTINUE 

  • Step 2. Select Payments. Note: If you are making a payment for payment plan, make sure to change Payment Amount * to what you are wanting to pay, otherwise, you may end up paying for the whole forfeiture.
Helpful Note:  Anything with a red asterisk (*) needs to be filled out.

Please call court clerk if you need assistance making your first payment for payment plan at (414) 423-2127.