Surveys/GIS Map

1) Click on link below
2) Click on applications
3) Click on Interactive Mapping App or Plat of Survey Search
4)  For Plat of Survey search  by Address or Tax key
5)  Click on the property to view document
6)  For Interactive Mapping search by Address,  Owner, or Tax Key

***If you are proposing anything but a new home, addition, or garage you can find the rear corner property stakes and indicate that on the plat.***
A survey is required for the following (draw item to scale on it) :
1) Fences
2) Sheds
3) Decks
4) Pergolas/Gazebos
5) Garages
6) Pools
7) New Homes
8) Parking Slabs

To have a survey done, you must contact a professional land surveyor. Below is a link to search by county.