Water Billing

Combined Water/Sewer Billing is done quarterly in January, April, July and October.  Water/sewer bills can be paid in person, in the postage free drop box located in the Village Hall parking lot, or by mail. Please include the bill stub when payment is made.

Covers the cost of maintenance and meter     Includes the cost of hydrants and an adequate water  
reading           supply for extinguishing fires.      
5/8 inch meter      $   21.02   5/8 inch meter      $   19.80  
3/4 inch meter          21.02   3/4 inch meter          19.80  
1 inch meter          42.04   1 inch meter          49.47  
1 1/4 inch meter           57.06   1 1/4 inch meter           73.26  
1 1/2 inch meter          87.09   1 1/2 inch meter          98.91  
2 inch meter         129.13   2 inch meter         159.00  
3 inch meter         219.22   3 inch meter         297.00  
4 inch meter         360.36   4 inch meter         495.00  
6 inch meter          720.72   6 inch meter          990.00  
8 inch meter       1,126.13   8 inch meter       1,584.00  
10 inch meter       1,606.61   10 inch meter       2,376.00  
12 inch meter       2,150.15   12 inch meter       3,168.00  
WATER USE                    
Water use charges cover the cost of the volume of water usage and are based on metered consumption billed in  
thousand gallons                    
1st 30,000 Gallons Per Quarter    $    4.74   per thousand gallons        
Next 270,000 Gallons Per Quarter 4.55              
Over 300,000 Gallons Per Quarter 4.12              
METRO CONNECTION                  
Metro connection is  a pass-through charge to cover the operation and maintenance costs of the Milwaukee Metropolitan
Sewerage District (MMSD) sewerage treatment facilities and conveyance systems.        
M SWR CON      $   11.14              
M SWR CON 2            5.57              
M SWR CON 3            3.71              
M SWR CON TW          22.28              
M SWR CON TR          33.42              
M SWR CON F          44.56              
M SWR CON 6          66.84              
METRO SEWER USE                  
Usage is determined by the consumption of metered water.  See explanation of metro connection charges above.
M SWR USE      $    3.23   per thousand gallons        
LOCAL SEWER CONNECTION                  
These charges plus the volumetric charges below cover the cost of maintenance and operation of the Village     
sewer system.                    
5/8 inch meter      $   12.42              
3/4 inch meter     12.42              
1 inch meter     20.12              
1 1/2 inch meter     32.91              
2 inch meter     47.32              
3 inch meter     83.09              
4 inch meter     131.78              
6 inch meter     257.96              
LOCAL SEWER USE                  
Costs are based on the volume of sewage that must be treated.  Charges are based on the consumption of metered water
to determine the amount of sewage each property discharges into the system.        
L SWR USE      $    0.91   per thousand gallons        
This fee covers the costs of collection and disposal of recycling and is billed per residential unit.    
RECYCLING      $   15.00              
RECYCLING 2     30.00              
STORM WATER                     
Storm water is a flat fee to cover maintenance and operation of the Village of Greendale storm sewer system  
storm sewer system.  The quarterly charge is based on equivalent residential units (ERU).  Residential properties
are assigned 1 ERU and billed the rate below.  Commercial properties and residential properties with more than three units 
have ERU quantities determined by the square footage of impervious area (where water cannot soak into the ground-
footprint of the building, drive, sidewalk, parking area).  One ERU is equal to 3,951 square feet of impervious area.