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For Questions on your Assessment please visit the Village Assessor's Page.

Tax Bill Information

For step by step instructions on how to pay your bill online and/or print your receipt, click here. 

To view current and prior year tax bills click here.  

You can also view property and assessment records for every property. All of the information normally found on individual tax bills, including payment status is available for review. Information available for each property includes: Assessed Value, Property Tax Amount, Amount Paid, and Amount Due. This information is provided as a service to the public. All of the information available on the site is public record.  You may also print your property tax receipt here.  

2023 Final Tax Installment Due July 31, 2024, payments after August 7, 2024 should be made to the Milwaukee County Treasurer's Office.

All prior years taxes or payments made after August 7th must be searched on Milwaukee County Treasurer's Office website.  Click here for prior years Property and Assessment Records.

Lottery & Gaming Credit (Located in the middle of your tax bill)

A lottery credit is provided by the State for Wisconsin residents who own a dwelling and use it as their primary residence. The 2023 Lottery Credit is $277.88. The credit amount on your tax bill is based partially on the Greendale School tax rate. The Lottery Credit remains with the property. There are no provisions for filing a claim for prior years’ Lottery Credit.

 This year every property tax bill for real property with a value in the improvement value field will again receive a First Dollar Credit. The 2023 maximum First Dollar Credit is $74.65.

If you do not receive the Lottery or First Dollar Credit on the tax bill for your primary residence, you may still be eligible to file a claim to receive the credit if filed with your tax payment by January 31st.

Click here for the lottery credit form.  If you are a new buyer (purchased in 2023) but can certify that the old owner resided at the residence, click here for the new buyer form


 The Wisconsin Housing and Economic Development Authority (WHEDA) provides property tax deferral loans for the elderly. For more information, contact WHEDA:

PO Box 1728
Madison, WI 53701-1728
(800) 755-7835

Email -




State of Wisconsin Property Tax Relief Credits