Village Hall Update

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MAY 17, 2024

Your bi-weekly news update from the Village of Greendale including important announcements, a look back at recent events and a look forward at the upcoming events in Greendale, Wisconsin. As always, we encourage you to tell your friends and neighbors about the Village Hall Update. To sign-up for our Village Hall email list, please click here. Those on our list will receive timely communications from the Village along with a notice when the Village Hall Update has been posted.

Village Board Meeting in Review
At the May 7, 2024 Board meeting the Board approved the following items:

  • To have staff move forward with a Public Service Commission rate case application for the water utility.
  • To purchase two self-checkout kiosks for the Greendale Public Library, as included in the 2024 Budget.
  • A quote for repairs to exterior bricks at Village Hall.
  • A class C wine license application from Vintage 38 to serve wine at the Whitnall Beer Garden.
  • The 2024 Committee and Board appointments.
  • An ordinance to require that all delinquent taxes, assessments, fees, etc. are paid prior to a license or permit being issued.
  • A policy establishing guidelines for issuing Village President proclamations.

May 21, 2024 Village Board Meeting Preview
The Board will consider approving:

  • An update to the 5-year capital equipment improvement plan for all Village Departments.
  • The signage that will be used to post the bike trail connection from the Oak Leaf trail to Downtown Greendale.
  • An ordinance to amend the Municipal Code regarding no parking on the north side of Highview Drive from S. 76th Street to Old Loomis Road.
  • A resolution to request Milwaukee County reduce the speed limit and improve the crosswalks on S. 76th Street.

To view the full agenda and packet (NEW! The full Village Board packet can now be accessed from the Village website)  

Health Department Updates:
May is Mental Health Awareness Month-look for yard signs when you’re out and about or pick one up for your yard at the Health Department. Healthy Mind, Healthy Greendale

Summer months are ahead of us; people and dogs will be out and about, which makes this a perfect opportunity for a reminder that picking up your dog's waste is essential for keeping our neighborhoods and public spaces clean and safe. Dog waste can transmit harmful bacteria and parasites, pollute water sources, and create unpleasant odors. Don’t forget to clean up after your dog.  It can be a nuisance to others and the environment but can also result in fines per Greendale Municipal Code of Ordinances 9.08.   

Upcoming Events:

Residential Paper Shredding Event - Saturday May 18th, 8:00 am - 9:30 am - Municipal Parking Lot, Parking Street - The Village of Greendale, DPW, and Park and Recreation will be providing Greendale residents (household only-no commercial) the opportunity to bring paper documents for secure and environmentally-responsible on-site destruction. Each Greendale household will be allowed 2 banker-size boxes (10x12x15 inches) full of documents. Boxes will be given back to homeowner. Must bring a valid driver's license listing Greendale resident or current utility/tax bill listing Greendale residency.

Petpalooza - Saturday May 18th, Downtown Greendale from 10:00 am to 3:00 pm.  For more information please click here.

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Perennial Plant Exchange - Saturday June 1st, 10:30 am - 11:15 am, northeast corner of the Community Learning Center, Plants should be set out on site starting at 10:00 am and the exchange will begin at 10:30.

2024 Event Calendar magnets are available at Village Hall, the Library, the Welcome Center and at the Downtown businesses.

For upcoming event information please visit the Greendale Community Event calendar.