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Greendale Memory Cafe - FB Post
Join us for a fun afternoon with Kathi and Memories in the Making!
Where? at the Greendale Memory Cafe at the Hose Tower (5699 Parking St.)
Who can come to the Greendale Memory Café?  People who are living with early-stage Alzheimer's disease or another dementia and their care partners or family members. You do not need to live in Greendale to come to the Greendale Café!
When? Wednesday, May 25th from 2:30 to 4:00PM

How Do I Register? Call the Greendale Health Dept @ 414-423-2110 or email



We are pleased to present the Greendale Community Health Improvement Plan (CHIP) for 2021-2025 to everyone in the Greendale community. This plan is a combined effort of the Health Department and many community partners and is intended to be a call to action and a guide for community stakeholders to improving the health of all who live, work, play and pray in the Village of Greendale.

The CHIP includes goals, explanation of need, and action steps for the priority health focus areas identified by the community and key stakeholders. These focus areas are Mental Health, Physical Activity and Nutrition, Older Adult Health, and Substance Misuse Prevention.  Presenting the


Consider filling out this quick survey about "No Mow May" in Greendale.  

In Milwaukee County, Wisconsin, community level is now Medium.
COVID data  If you have an important commitment coming up, have higher risk, or have close contact with someone who is higher risk, you may want to consider increasing your "mitigation measures" or protective actions such as wearing a mask, avoiding being in a crowded space, rescheduling plans, and/or talking to your healthcare provider for guidance on if you should be taking other actions or what you should do if you develop symptoms of COVID-19.  Fortunately, our vaccination rates in Greendale are high and we have many resources like pharmacies and health care facilities near by should we need them.  #healthiestandhappiestGreendale

National Public Health Week Food Drive
food drive

The Greendale Health Department would like to sincerely thank the community for their generosity during our National Public Health Week food drive, as well as the Village Departments and local businesses that volunteered to be food donation sites.

Together, we collected over 330 lbs. of non-perishable food items for local food pantries! We could not have done this without the support of our amazing community. Thank you for furthering our mission of being the Healthiest and Happiest Greendale! 

Greendale residents and surrounding community members who need food assistance are encouraged to call the St. Alphonsus Food Pantry (414) 514-4400. Individuals and families can also call 2-1-1 or visit for food and other resources.

Thank you 'Community Convening' participants!
On April 22nd, members and stakeholders of the Greendale community spent the morning together BRAIN-storming on how we can continue to support brain health and prevent cognitive decline (issues with memory, judgement, awareness, and ability to interact with others and our environment).  

-  National Alzheimer's Association
- National Association of City and County Health Officials (NACCHO)
- Wisconsin Alzheimer's Association
- Public Health Center of Excellence on Dementia Risk Reduction
- Milwaukee County Department of Health and Human Services- Aging and Disability Resource Center
- Village of Greendale (Health, Trustee)
- Greendale Park and Recreation
- Greendale Schools
- Wisconsin Institute of Healthy Aging (WIHA)
- Southwest YMCA 
- Walgreens Pharmacist
- Physical Therapist
- Yoga Instructor
- Acupuncturist
- Local Church Pastor
-Dementia Care Specialist
- College Student

The Community Convening process helps us identify priorities for the community, collaborate and create partnerships, address the social determinants of health, and come up with strategies to tackle dementia risk factors.  

"What's good for your heart, is good for your brain" and "it is never too early to reduce the risk of mental/cognitive decline".

Interested in joining the efforts? email to learn how you can get involved.


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