Village Manager

Village Manager


Todd K. Michaels
Village Manager

Greendale Village Hall
6500 Northway
Greendale, WI 53129
(Map and Directions)
Telephone: (414) 423-2100
Fax: (414) 423-2107

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Marcus Theatres
Marcus is proposing to construct an 8 theatre facility in the Northeast corner of the Southridge Mall property.  The plans were approved at the January 19, 2016 Board meeting.  Marcus recently submitted revised exterior plans, which will be reviewed by the Plan Commission March 31st and the Village Board on April 5th.

Sendiks has purchased the current Fire Station site to construct a Sendiks Fresh 2 Go, which will also include gasoline pumps.  This new concept will be similar to the Sendiks location on Brown Deer Road in Bayside.  Attached are the renderings of the facility.

New Village Fire

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The Village Manager is the chief administrative officer of the Village government and is directly responsible to the Village President and Board of Trustees for planning, organizing, and directing the activities of all Village operations. The Village Manager ensures all laws and ordinances governing the Village are enforced; recommends to the Board of Trustees such measures or actions which appear necessary and desirable; prepares and submits to the Board of Trustees the Village budget and performs other activities required by law or designated by the Village President and Board of Trustees.

The Goals and Objectives of the Village Manager must be consistent with the overall Goals and Objectives established by the Village President and Board of Trustees. The Manager is charged with implementing and accomplishing the Goals and Objectives established by the President and Board of Trustees. 

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The mission of the Village Manager's office is to exercise leadership in planning, coordinating, staffing, developing and controlling the activities of all municipal functions to accomplish Village goals and policies as determined by the Village President and Board of Trustees.