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Assessment Information
To find information on specific properties, such as lot size, square footage of home, number of bathrooms, bedrooms, etc. please use the link for the Assessor's Database.

2016 Reevaluation Project

2016 Preliminary Assessment Roll - by Address
2016 Preliminary Assessment Roll - by Tax Key Number
A copy of the assessment roll is also available for viewing at the Library or Village Hall during regular business hours.

Reassessment Comparison 2015 - 2016 (click on chart to enlarge)

2016 Property Owners Guide
2016 Property Assessment Appeal Guide
Objection to Real Property Assessment Form
Request for Review of Property Assessment 

All property owners with an assessment change will receive a "2016 Notice of Changed Assessment" in the mail. Open book begins July 28, 2016 10:00 a.m. to noon at the Safety Center, 5911 W. Grange or call Tyler Technologies to make an appointment for another date.  Call 262-395-4447 between July 22 - August 5, 2016 8:15 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

The Village of Greendale contracted with Tyler Technologies in order to complete a Village-wide reevaluation for 2016. Tyler is the nation's oldest and largest mass appraisal firm and has worked for the Village of Greendale since 2014.

The last Village-wide revaluation occurred in 2012.  At that time, properties that sold in 2011 were used to establish the assessed values.  Property owners that have not made changes to their property via a building permit or had a change due to an assessment appeal continue to have an assessment based off of the 2011 sales.  Since 2012, there have been many changes that have occurred in the marketplace.  As a result of those changes, the average property in the Village in 2015 was assessed at approximately 95% of the market value.  The goal of the 2016 revaluation is to bring properties in line with current market conditions.  Specifically, that means to assess properties at or near 100% of market value using properties that sold during 2014 and 2015 as a basis.

Please note that an increase in assessment does not necessarily mean an increase in taxes in the year of a revaluation.  Property owners that are impacted by the revaluation are properties that increase in value at a greater percentage than the average property and properties that do not increase at the same rate as the average property.

The 2016 revaluation will include updating the assessment database with new digital images of each property.  The new images will assist in developing accurate assessments.  The revaluation will be conducted via an office review of each property using the updated digital photos, as well as electronic maps and aerial photos.  This method of revaluation is approved by the Department of Revenue. 

Some properties may also have been visited for an interior or exterior inspection due to the issuance of a building permit or to verify certain property information.  All members of Tyler staff carry official Village of Greendale Identification Badges and their vehicle information will be registered with the Police Department and at Village Hall. 

Tyler will be completing the final phases of the valuation process in July and property owners will receive a Notice of Assessment the week of July 18.  The value on the Notice of Assessment should represent the estimate of 100% market value of each property as of January 1, 2016 and will include instructions on how to contact the Assessor’s Office should you disagree with the proposed value or have any questions regarding the process. 

Should you have any questions on the 2016 revaluation or the identification of a member of Tyler staff, please contact a member of the Assessor’s staff at 414-758-0611.

Appeal Process

Property owners concerned about their assessment can schedule appointments with the Assessor during the Open Book Session, at the dates and times listed on the “Change of Assessment” notice. Property owners are encouraged to schedule an Open Book meeting with the Assessor as soon as they receive their notice of reassessment. Property owners that wait until the end of the Open Book Session to schedule a meeting with the assessor may not get an opportunity to speak with the Assessor. The Assessment Roll will be open and available for public review from the time of the mailing of the Notices of Assessment, July 22, 2016 through August 5, 2016 at Village Hall, 6500 Northway.  Instructional material about assessment and Board of Review procedures will be available at the time for information on how to file an objection and the Board of Review procedures under Wisconsin law.  Board of Review - September 14, 2016, 9:00 A.M.

Property owners who are not satisfied with their assessments after meeting with the Assessor during Open Book can appeal their assessment to the Board of Review. Objection forms are available from the Clerk-Treasurer’s Office. These forms MUST be filed with the Clerk-Treasurer BEFORE your objection can be heard by the Board of Review.  Click here for Objection Form (pdf).  It is not necessary for property owners to attend the September14th Board of Review meeting unless previously scheduled from the Clerk’s Office. Once an objection form has been filed, you will be notified from the Municipal Clerks Office of your scheduled hearing date.

Village Assessor

Mark Link, Tyler Technologies
10617 W. Oklahoma Avenue, Suite U-4
West Allis, WI 53227

The Assessor’s Office is responsible for providing fair and equitable assessments based on what is taking place in the local real estate market. The Assessor is also responsible for assessing personal property for businesses (business equipment) and follows procedures as outlined in the Wisconsin Property Assessment Manual and Wisconsin Statutes.

On occasion, property owners may receive a letter and/or visit from the Assessor’s Office to inspect a property. 

The typical reasons the assessor would request an interior inspection of a property include:

  • A property owner applies for and is approved for a building permit for items such as remodeling, an addition, basement finish, or new construction.
  • A property owner requests a review of their assessment.
  • Verification of the accuracy of current assessment records.

The typical reasons the assessor would inspect the exterior of a property include:

  • A property owner applies for and is approved for a building permit for items such as a detached garage or shed, central air conditioning, exterior remodeling, decks, pools, and/or other similar exterior type items.
  • A property owner requests a review of their assessment.
  • Verification of the accuracy of current assessment records. 

Assessor's Function

The Village Assessor is a State certified individual who is responsible for setting the value of all property within the Village for the purposes of determining the taxable value of real and personal property, upon which is levied property taxes for all taxing jurisdictions.  The assessor is not involved in the billing or collection of property taxes.  Questions about property tax collection should be addressed to the Clerk-Treasurer's Office.  Main functions of the Assessor's Office include:  

  • Input and update information in the property database.
  • Inspect and review all properties that were issued permits for the current year and any partial assessments from the prior year and determine the appropriate property value assessment.
  • Provide assessment information to interested parties.
  • Keep an annual updated list of businesses for personal property reporting.
  • Prepare and submit Assessor's Final Report and TIF Valuation Report to the Department of Revenue.
  • Attend Board of Review as required by State Statutes. 
  • Perform property revaluations as necessary.  

A revaluation is a complete and thorough review of all assessments.  During a revaluation, all assessments are examined and adjustments are made so that all property is assessed at market value.  This is done to assure that taxes are distributed equitably and uniformly.  Wisconsin law requires all municipalities to assess property at market value at least once every five years.  Wisconsin law requires that property assessments be based on fair market value.  Estimating the market value of your property is a matter of determining the price a typical buyer would pay for it in its present condition.  Some factors the Assessor considers in assigning property values include: what similar type properties are selling for, what it would cost to replace your property, the rent it may earn, and any other factors that effect value.  It is important to note that the Assessor does not create this value; rather, the Assessor interprets what is happening in the market place.