About Us

G-PCC-LogoThe Greendale Public Celebrations Committee (PCC) is an appointed group of volunteers responsible for arranging, planning, organizing, coordinating, and reviewing all Village Holidays and Public Celebrations. Members are appointed by the Village President each October for one year, and receive no compensation for their services.

The PCC is only a recommending committee to the Village Board and any action taken by the PCC requires the final approval of the Village Board of Trustees. Currently, the PCC activities focus on Pet Palooza, 4th of July Community and Children’s Parade, the 4th of July Fireworks, Oktoberfest, the Children’s Halloween Parade, Tree Lighting Ceremony and Dickens of a Village.

The PCC is authorized to seek private and corporate sponsorships and donations to offset the costs of these events. Sponsorships and donations are recognized but anonymous donations are also honored. The generous financial support, large and small, received for these events every year has been essential to their continued success and enjoyment by the entire community.

PCC Members at a meeting
Pictured Public Celebrations Committee Members: (back row) Bob Massey, Ray Guardiola, Tony Novinka, Karyn Birmingham, Martin DeVaney, Frank D'Amato, (front row) Cindy Nettles, Rachel Geittmann, Donna Ouellette, Jennifer Schwingle
Not Pictured: Colleen Fechtmeyer & Carolann Matzek