Greendale No Mow May

No Mow May

At a Special Village Board meeting held on April 26th the Board approved an ordinance change that would allow property owners to participate in "No Mow May".  No Mow May has become a popular initiative that encourages people to stop mowing or less often for the month of May.  Letting your grass and weeds grow during the month of May provides a pollinator-friendly habitat in the early growing season for bees, butterflies and other insects.  Participation is completely voluntary.  The Village, as well as Greendale Schools, will be participating in certain green space areas, and signage will be placed by those areas.  There are other ways to promote a pollinator friendly habitat such as reducing pesticide usage and planting pollinator friendly plants.

There will be a limited number of No Mow May signs available to purchase at the Welcome Center starting on Thursday May 5th, for $20 a sign.

The Village will be participating in the following areas:
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