Greendale Police Station Flooring/Painting Project

Police Station Flooring/Painting Project

The police station flooring/painting project will begin on Monday 01/17. The first area will be the lobby, with flooring being replaced 01/17 – 1/20 followed by painting from 1/21-1/25.    While the flooring in the lobby is being completed the lobby will be closed to the public. 

During this time citizens are encouraged to pay their citations online by clicking here.  The medication disposal box will be unavailable, please hold onto your medications until the lobby reopens.  Parking permits will not be sold in person while the lobby is closed.  Please call the non-emergency phone number if you need a parking permit during the timeframe that the lobby is closed, 423-2121.

For any other questions on services during this time please call the non-emergency line at 423-2121.