Fall Leaf Collection Begins October 16th

November 17th Update: There will be a DPW crew in tomorrow working on leaf collection for a few hours. They are still working through streets east of Loomis Road (currently working in the O section- working their way north). They will likely be in the central part of the Village starting Monday or Tuesday next week.

After scheduled collections end on November 10th, the crews will work from the east side of the Village to the west side of the Village (This might not be on your recycling day) until collections are not needed or a major snow fall occurs. If we receive a large enough snow fall at any time that
requires the Department to plow the streets, leaf collection will have to end. We use the same equipment for leaf collection as we do for snow removal and public safety is our number one priority. Scheduled days for collection and guidelines for pickup can be found at www.greendale.org.

DPW will pick up leaves and grass clippings only (NO plant materials, vines, branches, fire wood and logs, gravel, stones, landscaping rocks, plastic pots, trash bags, etc.). 

Helpful Tips/Options would be:

  • Do not pile leaves over or within 10 feet of a storm sewer catch basin.
  • Water-down your leaves after raking to prevent them from blowing back into your yard.
  • For easier leaf disposal, cut them up with your mower.
  • Bag your leaves and bring them to the Public Works Yard for disposal.
  • Do not park your vehicle over a leaf pile - heat from the exhaust system can cause a fire.
Leaf Collection Schedule