Greendale Your Voice, Create a Vision

Your Voice, Create a Vision

Add Your Voice, Create a Vision

You can make a difference by becoming a volunteer member of a Village advisory committee, board or commission. These bodies provide advice to the Village Board and contribute to the development of policies, programs and initiatives. The Village can benefit greatly from your expertise, enthusiasm and civic pride. Get involved and play an active role. 

Which advisory committees, boards or commission have volunteer members?
  • Board of Review
  • Plan Commission
  • Police and Fire Commission
  • Library Board
  • Park and Recreation
  • Public Celebrations Committee
  • Zoning Board of Appeals
  • Board of Health
  • Community Development Authority
Who is eligible? 
All residents who are eligible to vote in the Village of Greendale. 

What are the responsibilities as a committee or board member? 
Terms vary from one to five years depending on the committee, board or commission. Meetings are generally held once a month, mostly in the evening; however members may be required to attend additional special meetings. 

How to apply? 
Submit a letter outlining how the committee(s), board(s) or commission(s) would benefit from your membership, and how your work, education, hobby and/or volunteer experience are relevant to its mandate. Please remember to include your home address. 

Submit letters of interest to: 
Mike Hawes, Village Manager 
6500 Northway
Greendale, WI 53129-0257