Greendale 2022 Village Manager Recruitment

2022 Village Manager Recruitment

The Village of Greendale is seeking an experienced, innovative Village Manager. The Village of Greendale, Wisconsin (2020 pop. 14,854) is a vibrant and historic community for education, business, services, culture, and community events serving the Milwaukee area. Covering 5.56 square miles, Greendale is conveniently linked by land, sea, and air to major markets worldwide. Located along the I-94 corridor in southeastern Wisconsin, Greendale is an hour and a half away from Chicago and Madison and two hours from Green Bay. Scheduled daily air service links Greendale with all major United States cities.

Known for its rich heritage, excellent schools, high quality of life, exciting year-round events, and beautiful green spaces, the Village of Greendale consistently ranks as a favorite small town to visit and a great place to live and work. Greendale was originally developed in 1936 as part of President Franklin Roosevelt’s New Deal in the wake of the Great Depression. With the purchase of 3,400 acres of farmland southwest of Milwaukee’s city limits, the federal government’s Resettlement Administration had three main objectives: demonstrate a new kind of suburban community which combined both city and country life, provide good housing at reasonable rents, and to create jobs for unemployed workers.  The Greendale Historic District has been designated as a National Historic Landmark.

The Village Manager position is open due to the pending retirement of the current Village Manager who will have served in that position for 15 years at retirement, with a total of nearly 25 years with the Village. As the Village’s chief executive officer, the Village Manager directs and carries out the goals, objectives, and directives established by the Village Board and provides organizational leadership to the Village Clerk, Village Attorney, Village Assessor, Treasurer/Finance Director, Police, Fire, Health Department, Public Works, Utilities, Building Inspection, and information technology. The Village employs 96 fulltime and 52 parttime staff members. The Village Manager is appointed by and reports to the Village Board.

Major responsibilities include:

  • Works closely with the Village Board to define and accomplish strategic goals and objectives.
  • Supports and embodies values defined in the Village’s Strategic Plan.
  • Plans, coordinates, and directs the operation of Village departments and programs and oversees the evaluation of service delivery, including shared service arrangements, to improve operational effectiveness.
  • Submits policy proposals to the Village Board and provides the governing body with facts, advice, and policy options for making decisions and setting community goals.
  • Encourages cross-functional cooperation, learning, initiative, and collaboration among departments with support from the management team to develop leadership skills and retain talent.
  • Oversees the budget development process and works with the Village Board and department heads to allocate resources in accordance with Village plans. Presents the Village's annual operating budget to the Village Board for approval.
  • Meets with and advises the Village Board on matters related to Village operations, policies, financial position, and keeps elected officials apprised of emerging issues.
  • Provides managerial oversight, direction, and leadership to Village staff. Appoints, removes, promotes, transfers, disciplines, or suspends Village employees (except police and fire personnel).
  • Is accessible to the Village Board, municipal officials, employees, community leadership, and members of the public.
  • Engages in intergovernmental relations and collaborative partnerships with other municipalities and public and private organizations.
  • Serves as a liaison between the Village and civic groups; private residents; the media; local, state, and federal agencies; and neighborhood organizations.
  • Directs and provides oversight for the development, administration, and maintenance of the Village’s physical facilities and assets.
  • Abides by federal and state laws and Village ordinances and exemplifies high ethical standards in keeping with the leadership responsibilities of the position.
  • Represents the Village in local, regional, and state meetings and functions as directed by the Village Board.
  • Coordinates with other governmental units, including county, state, and federal authorities, in matters related to future developments which affect the Village.

The successful candidate will possess a bachelor’s degree in public or business administration or a related field, a master’s degree is preferred and will demonstrate extensive responsible local government management experience as a Village Manager, Assistant Village Manager, Department Director, or an equivalent position in a comparable organization. The ideal candidate must demonstrate a record of successful leadership in executing strategic goals, managing organizational performance, economic development/redevelopment, transparent communications, prudent financial management, building effective community partnerships, engaging citizens into policymaking and implementation, community relations, and staff management.

The Village Manager is appointed by, and reports to, the Village Board.  The salary range for this position is $108,113 – $145,778 +/- DOQ, plus an excellent benefit package.

Candidates should apply by February 4, 2022, with resume, cover letter and contact information for five work-related references to John Macy, Greendale Village Attorney, Municipal Law & Litigation Group, S.C., 730 N. Grand Avenue, Waukesha, WI 53186. Telephone Todd Michaels, Village Manager at 414-423-2100 x3110. The Village is an Equal Opportunity Employer.