Home Security

Operation Identification
is a crime prevention program intended to make personal property easily identifiable working as a deterrent in the prevention of burglary and theft.

How does it work?
Permanently and clearly mark all valuable personal property with either an engraver or UV markers available for purchase online.

After marking items, place an Operation Identification sticker on the exterior door of your residence to serve as a warning to would-be burglars that all valuables on this premise has been marked for easy identification

How does the program prevent burglaries?
Law enforcement officers know that the average burglar is an opportunist. He wants to get in and out quickly and steal those items that can be easily sold for cash.  Burglars know that if they are caught with marked merchandise, it's solid evidence against them.

How do I join Operation Identification?
Contact the Greendale Police Department and we will loan you, free of charge, an electric engraving device. We will also provide you with ID stickers and a Home Security handbook.

Download the Home Security handbook here.

Info on the Neighbors app hereInfo on the Neighbors app here.

What is the Home Security handbook?

The handbook is a guide to assist homeowners in reducing the chance of being burglarized.

How does it work?
Residents take the home security survey in the handbook and use the survey to identify weak points in your home's security.

The "Next Step" in the Home Security handbook describes what the homeowner can do to help make their home more secure.

The handbook includes tips and ideas to protect your home when you're away, and includes a Personal Property Inventory form that can be used to list your valuables.

If you have questions about your home's security, contact our Community Service Officer Eric Voit at (414) 423-2121.