Juveniles are any individuals ages 16 and younger. 

Juveniles cited for traffic violations are subject to the same penalties and Court procedures as adults and will be scheduled for the adult court calendar. 

The Municipal Court also has jurisdiction over juveniles charged with non-traffic ordinance violations or state statute violations and truancy (regardless of age). Juveniles have the same rights with respect to pleas.  They have a right to a private, or closed, hearing but may waive this right. Forfeitures (fines) may be entered against juveniles. If the offense is alcohol or drug related, in addition to a forfeiture (fine), the juvenile’s driving privileges may also be suspended.

Juveniles charged with violating a Village of Greendale ordinance or Wisconsin state statute will receive a citation indicating a specific date for appearance. This appearance is mandatory and requires appearance with a parent or legal guardian. Should you wish to seek legal counsel, your attorney should notify the Court in writing of their legal representation and your plea prior to your court date. The cost of an attorney to represent you is solely your responsibility. The Court will not appoint an attorney for you.

Upon arrival, check in with the court clerk. You will meet with the village prosecutor to discuss your case. If you reach a resolution, the village prosecutor will indicate your agreement on a piece of paper called a stipulation. The Judge will then discuss the details of the charges and the agreement with you. The Judge will ask you if you accept the terms as stated and, if so, will consider whether to accept the stipulation.

Should you not reach an agreement with the Village Attorney, a trial will be scheduled for another date granting you and the Village time to prepare and to notify all witnesses needed to proceed with trial.

If you fail to appear at your initial appearance hearing date and have not entered a written plea of Not Guilty or obtained an adjournment for another date, the Court can enter a default judgment against you. You will be formally found guilty of the charge and a penalty will be imposed in accordance with the law. A default notice will be mailed to the last known address the Court has on file.

Failure to comply with the sentence imposed by the Court by the due date indicated may result in one or more of the following at the Court’s discretion: reinstatement of the original charge and increase of the original forfeiture if you resolved your case by stipulation, suspension of your driving privileges, or other consequences. You may be entered into the Wisconsin Department of Revenue Tax Intercept or State Debt Collection Program for failure to pay all costs and forfeitures ordered.

Please contact the court clerk at your convenience with additional questions or concerns at (414) 423-2127.