Contesting Traffic & Municipal Citations

You are required to appear in court, in person, if your citation reference indicates “YES,” unless a Not Guilty plea has been entered in writing prior to the court date.

If your citation reference indicates, “NO,” you have the following options:
  • If you do not wish to contest the citation(s), you may pay your forfeiture (fine) prior to your court date. You may pay online here; please use OPTION 1 and have the citation number(s) available. Otherwise, you may mail to the following address a check or money order payable to the Village of Greendale NOTE: Please enclose a copy of your citation or write citation number on the MEMO line.

Greendale Safety Center
Attn: Court Clerk
5911 West Grange Ave. 
Greendale, WI 53129

The court will enter a plea of no contest with a finding of guilty. No appearance in court is necessary. Please NOTE, if your citation is not paid in full prior to your court date, then you MUST appear in court. Please read over your citation carefully. If you have any questions regarding your citation, please contact the court clerk at (414) 423-2127

  • If you need more time to pay, please contact the court clerk at (414) 423-2127. You may need to leave a voicemail; if so, the court clerk will return your call. Please provide the following information:
          • First and Last name.
          • Phone number.
          • Citation number if available.
          • A brief explanation as to why you are calling the court.

  • If you wish to contest the citation(s), you may enter your plea in court on the date indicated on the citation.
If your case is not resolved prior to your initial court appearance date (unless you have communicated to the court clerk) and you do not appear in person on that date, a default judgment of guilty could be entered against you.

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