GPL                     Tax Season

Tax Season

Federal & State 2021 Tax Forms are now available at Greendale Public Library!  Available forms are...

          1040 / 1040 SR Booklet (Form)
          1040 / 1040 SR Instructions
           Form 1- Resident Income Tax
           Schedule H/H-EZ- Booklet - Homestead Credit (including Rent Certificate)
           Rent Certificate for Homestead Credit Claims
           Schedule SB - Subtractions from Income
           Schedule WD - Capital Gains and Losses

If you need a specific Tax Form or a previous years form, ask for help finding and printing it at the Information Desk.

Milwaukee County Libraries Tax Assistance Information

Free Tax Preparation Information Click Here


Department of Revenue (DoR) will not print and distribute some instructions and booklets and lesser used forms. These include instructions and booklets for Form 1 and Form 1NPR, Schedule WD, Form WR-A, Schedule U, Schedule OS, Schedule CR, Schedule I, Form 1-ES and Schedule CS.

Why is DoR making these changes?

All DoR materials are online and accessed in that manner for the vast majority of taxpayers. DoR's goal is to reduce the number of paper forms printed for financial and environmental reasons. Research shows that only about 10% of the paper forms distributed to libraries are filed with the department. Most taxpayers choose to file electronically. Last year, 89% of all returns were received electronically. Illinois and Minnesota Departments of Revenue have eliminated all printing and distribution of forms and instructions to libraries.

Available Resources

  • All forms and instructions can be found on Department of Revenue website ( and can be downloaded and printed as needed.
  • VITA resources are available for those who require assistance or prefer to file using paper forms. Information and site locations can be found on the DoR website.
  • Library patrons can call Customer Service at (608) 266-2772 to inquire about paper form options and availability.
  • Wisconsin e-file, it's free, secure, and accurate. Each year, more Wisconsin taxpayers file their income tax returns and receive their refunds more quickly using our e-file application called Wisconsin e-file. Wisconsin e-file is available on the DoR website.