1000 Books Before Kindergarten

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The Bremen Public Library in Indiana offered the first 1,000 Books Before Kindergarten program, created from the inspiration found in Mem Fox’s book, Reading Magic. It has spread from there, with libraries primarily in the Midwest and a few in the Northeast offering the program. 

Solid evidence from research findings show that the more children ages 0-5 hear books read to them, the more prepared they will be to learn to read upon reaching kindergarten. 

Did You Know?
If you read just 3 books a day, the goal of 1,000 books will be met in a year… or if you read 1 book per night, you’ll read over 1,000 books together in just 3 years?

Besides having children hear 1,000 before kindergarten, program goals include: 
  • Instilling the lifelong love of reading in young children
  • Fostering a positive connection to the library for families and children
  • Presenting parents and caregivers with information about early literacy
  • Reinforcing parents’ and caregivers' role as child's first and best teachers
  • Creating a network of families and children that are committed to literacy and education
  • Ensuring kids enter kindergarten ready to read 
How it works at the Greendale Public Library: 
Our program is open to children, from birth to age five, with the support of their caregivers.

Step 1 – Get Started
Choose 1 of 3 ways that you would like to record your reading activity:
  1.  Online at our Beanstack website: greendalepubliclibrary.beanstack.com
  2.  Download the Beanstack Tracker App
  3.  At the Information Desk at the library to use paper reading records 
Step 2 - Pick up your Welcome Bag at the Information Desk, it includes:
  • Letter from GPL staff and note from Butternut the Badger
  • Suggestions for how to read with a squiggly little one
  • Pamphlet with tips for reading aloud to children at each developmental stage
  • 100 Books to Read Before Kindergarten booklist
  • Bookmark
Step 3 - Read books with your little one
  • This program is self-directed and self-paced
  • Your are welcome to read the same book multiple times
Step 4 - Record the books you have read? (1 of 3 ways)
  1.  Online at our Beanstack website: greendalepubliclibrary.beanstack.com
  2. On the Beanstack Tracker App
  3. With paper reading records (Get a new one at the library Info Desk for each 100 books when you redeem your reward for your previous reading goal) 
Step 5 - Redeem rewards!
  • Rewards are given at 100 book increments, with different rewards at each level.
  • Come up to the Information Desk and show your record of the last 100 books read on paper or your personal device.
  • A special reward and certificate are issued to all children who reach 1000 books before kindergarten! 
If you need help or have any questions about the program or Beanstack, please feel free to stop by the Information Desk or give us a call at (414) 423-2136! 

Thank you to the Friends of the Greendale Public Library for sponsoring this program supporting the youngest members of our community.

Read Together