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The state of Wisconsin offers a variety of resources for pregnant women, infants, children, and families.

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Car seats are the product of careful engineering and research. We understand that knowing all the ins and outs of cars seats can be difficult. That’s why Safe Kids created the Ultimate Car Seat Guide  to provide expert guidance to parents on the important decisions they face when choosing and using a car seat, including when to move from one seat to the next or when the seat belt fits. The guide is available in both English and Spanish. Please check it out and share it with friends and family.

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The Ages & Stages Questionnaires®  is a questionnaire designed to help parents check their child's development.
The parent-completed Ages & Stages Questionnaires®, Third Edition (ASQ-3™) is the most accurate, family-friendly way to screen children for developmental delays between one month and 5½ years, without any gaps between the questionnaire age intervals.
The ASQ-3 is an assessment tool that helps parents provide information about the developmental status of their child young child across five developmental areas: communication, gross motor, fine motor, problem solving, and personal-social. Parents can use the results of the ASQ to help talk with pediatricians, teachers or other professionals if they have concerns about their child's development.

The Greendale Health Department can provide you with a questionnaire and instructions to complete an ASQ3 at home. You can then return it to the nurses for review and discussion about the results. You can also complete the ASQ3 at the health department with a nurse. Either method of service is free of charge.  Please call 414-423-2110 for an appointment. 

                                                      Newborn and Parenting Resources       
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ABC's of Safe Sleeping
Age-by-Age Guide to Reading to Your Baby
Birth Control Guide
Car Seat Guide
Helping Baby Back to Sleep
Immunizations and Greendale Health Department Immunization information
Parent Information from the CDC 
Parenting Newsletters and other resources at UW Extension 



                                                                                     Newborn Visits

Newborn Visits Nursing visits are offered to all families of newborn babies. We offer brochures and pamphlets on various aspects of newborn  and post-partum care, discuss recommended immunizations and offer information on baby care, child safety, community services, growth and development, and provide support for new mothers. Call the Health Department at 414-423-2110 for an appointment.