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Flu Vaccine

10.1.20 Flu Clinic press release


Flu Season 2020-2021

Despite being in the middle of a pandemic this year, the Greendale Health Department is committed to continuing to offer free flu vaccines for children and at-cost flu vaccines for adults during this flu season.  Appointments available Wednesdays and Fridays at the Greendale Health Department.  Please call 414-423-2110 to schedule an appointment.

Getting a flu vaccine can be an essential part of protecting your health and your family’s health this season. This year, flu vaccination is very important because it can reduce the overall impact of respiratory illnesses on the community. By reducing the severity and impact of influenza, we hope to lessen the amount of preventable medical visits and hospitalizations. In turn, this will lessen the burden on the healthcare system and allow for resources to be used to fight COVID-19. This year, additional infection prevention strategies will be implemented during flu vaccination season.

To ensure the safe delivery of care during vaccination, the Greendale Health Department will minimize chances for exposures by:

    • Screening for symptoms of COVID-19 and contact with persons with possible COVID-19 prior to and upon arrival at the clinic- Isolate symptomatic patients as soon as possible by instructing them to return home, call medical provider, and anticipate COVID-19 testing.
    • Limiting capacity and monitoring points of entry to the clinic.
    • Ensuring all persons over the age of 5 are wearing a cloth face covering and encourage face coverings in those between the age of 2 to 5 (if tolerated).
    • Avoiding reuse of materials (e.g., clipboards, pens) as much as possible.

Ensuring physical distancing by implementing strategies, such as:

    • Reducing crowding in waiting areas by asking clients to remain outside (e.g., stay in their vehicles, in a line 6 feet apart, if applicable) until they are allowed into the clinic.
    • Ensuring that physical distancing, with separation of at least 6 feet between individuals that are not from the same household, is maintained during all aspects of the visit, including check-in, checkout, screening, and post vaccination using strategies such as physical barriers, signs, ropes, and/or floor markings. 
    • Utilizing electronic communications as much as possible (e.g., filling out needed paperwork online in advance) to minimize risk of transmission, time in the clinic, as well as decrease interactions with others.

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