Bed Bugs (Cimex Lectularius)


                    Bed Bug or Cimex Lectularis 


Bed Bugs (Cimex Lectularis) are small, flat, wingless insects that feed on human and animal blood usually during the night.  They are often reddish brown in color.  Adult insects can be 1/4 inch in length and have a shape similar to an apple seed.  Nymph stages (early life stages) of this insect are roughly the same size as the small lettering on a penny.



Bed bugs are a resurging problem worldwide, causing property loss, expense, and inconvenience. Bed bugs can be found in private homes, hotels, resorts, apartment complexes, and communal living facilities.  The good news is that bed bugs do not transmit disease. Individuals will react differently to the bites and the reaction can range from a mild itching to a serious allergic reaction. The best way to prevent bed bugs is regular inspection for signs of an infestation. Bed bugs are found in areas where people sleep, often within 8 to 10 feet of a bed. They are experts at hiding in crevices of head boards, mattresses, box springs and night stands. Bed bugs are not necessarily the results of poor sanitary conditions.

Bed Bugs are difficult to eliminate. It is highly recommended that you use a professional pest control company to control an infestation. There are several treatments that can be used independently or in a combination with each other. Treatments may include heat, chemical, steam, or vacuuming. Professional pest controllers may also have a specially trained dog that locates the bed bugs and can clear a room for use. There are several techniques a person should avoid in the treatment of bed bugs. Do not misuse chemicals, for example, using excessive chemicals on a mattress or using chemicals labeled for outdoor use inside a building. Do not use un vented fuel burning appliances to heat the rooms where the bed bugs reside.

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