Greendale Animal Bites

Animal Bites


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If a bite or scratch happens:

  • Wash the wound thoroughly with soap and water as soon as possible
  • Contact your doctor
  • A tetanus booster may be needed
  • Starting the rabies series should be considered if the animal was not up-to-date on the vaccine (contact vet to be sure)
  • Report the incident to the Greendale Police Department and the Greendale Health Department
For more information:

What You Need to Know if Your Cat or Dog Bites Someone

Wisconsin state law (SS 95.21) requires that any dog or cat which bites a person be quarantined for ten days so that it can be observed for signs of rabies. This brochure explains what such a quarantine involves and gives the reasons why these measures must be taken. Note that the information in this brochure applies only to dogs and cats that have bitten a person, and that the requirements of the quarantine vary depending on whether the animal is current on its rabies immunizations.

Click here for brochure about the 10-day quarantine requirement

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