Greendale Community Health Assessment CHA and Community Health Improvement Plan CHIP

Community Health Assessment CHA and Community Health Improvement Plan CHIP

Greendale's Community Health Improvement Process

Wisconsin administrative code (DHS Chapter 140) requires all local health departments to complete a Community Health Assessment and subsequent Community Health Improvement Plan at least every 5 years.

1. Community Health Assessment
    • A report compiling data on health outcomes and factors that affect health outcomes for everyone living in Greendale
2. Community Health Improvement Plan
    • Data from the Community Health Assessment and community input is analyzed to determine key health focus areas
    • Volunteer workgroups are formed around each focus area that work to address the health issue over 5 years

Greendale Health Department was due for an updated Community Health Assessment in 2020 and will start a new Community Health Improvement Plan in 2021. Below is a summary of the 2020 Community Health Assessment. The full report can be found under Department Documents. Please call 414-423-2110 with any questions!


Greendale Health Department Kicks Off New Mental Health Workgroup – Looking for Members   

Due to mental health being the top priority health area identified in the Greendale Community Health Summit, we are now looking for community members to join us in forming a Mental Health workgroup! With the challenges and barriers that 2020 brought, this topic is more relevant than ever. Members of this new workgroup will meet to discuss the various ways mental health of all who live, work and play in Greendale can be supported and improved. To express interest and get involved, call 414-423-2110 

The Greendale Community Health Summit was held on March 24th over Zoom from 9 am to noon with 13 community members and 4 health department staff. The purpose was to analyze data from the 2020 Greendale Community Health Assessment and 2021 Community Health Survey to determine priority health areas to work on over the next 5 years.  

After looking at data, participants scored and prioritized 7 health topics according to the following criteria: community support, existing efforts, impact on equity, resources needed, and data support. After tallying up the scores, mental health came out on top. The ranking was as follows, in order: Mental Health, Chronic Disease, Health Behaviors, Senior Health, Tobacco/AODA, Communicable Disease, Environment.  
GCHS Zoom Picture

There are active workgroups currently addressing Health Behaviors (Step Up to Better Health and the Food and Nutrition Group), Senior Health (Successful Aging in Greendale for Everyone - SAGE), and Tobacco/AODA through substance misuse prevention (Community Alliance). These workgroups are led by passionate community volunteers to implement evidence-based strategies to improve health.  Current Health Department capacity allows for one new workgroup to kick off as part of the 2021-2025 Community Health Improvement Plan (CHIP).  Reach out if you are interested in joining fellow community members in promoting mental health by calling 414-423-2110 or emailing our Public Health Specialist, Kinsey ( - we’d love to have you involved!


2020 Community Health Assessment Executive Summary
2020 CHA Executive Summary2 (1)