Greendale Community Alliance Hales Corners and Greendale Communities

Community Alliance Hales Corners and Greendale Communities

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Community Alliance functions as a community-based substance misuse prevention coalition. Community Alliance serves the Village of Hales Corners and the Village of Greendale.
The goals of the coalition are to reduce youth use of alcohol and marijuana, educate adults about risks, safe storage and disposal of prescription opioids, and to reduce social addiction-related stigma through the Rise Above Stigma of Addiction campaign. Find out more by visiting our website or Facebook page.


Is This Legit? Accessing Valid and Reliable Health Information 
Applying skills in analyzing, evaluating, and comparing different sources of health information empowers teens to reject misinformation and make choices to access content that is evidence-based and supports their overall health and wellbeing.3 Teens get messages about drugs and alcohol from the news media and social media, as well as their peers, families, and extended social networks.4,5 Health literacy can play a role in how teens interpret messages about alcohol and other substances, and can shape their expectations about what may happen if they consume drugs and alcohol.6