Political Signs

In Greendale, expressing your political views through yard signs is welcomed, while keeping our community's aesthetics and property values in mind. Our guidelines focus on the timing, size, and placement of such signs, based on Sec. 12.04 of the Wisconsin Statutes; we do not define signs by content.

  • Political signs may not exceed 11 sq. ft. per side, unless affixed to a permanent structure and does not extend beyond the perimeter of the structure or obstruct a window, door, or other area which is required to remain unobstructed.
  • May be placed anywhere on a residential property, including the Village right-of-way if you maintain the right-of-way (i.e. the space between the curb and the sidewalk if it is mowed/maintained by the property owner). However, signs that interfere with pedestrian or traffic safety (such as those located within the vision triangle of an intersection) may be removed by the Village.
  • Signs may not be placed on Village property or right-of-ways (except as noted above).
  • There is no limit on the number of political signs that may be placed on a residential property or how close together signs may be.
  • Do not place (or remove) signs on another person's property without their permission.
  • Please remove signs within five days after an election.
Thank you for your cooperation, and for any questions or concerns relating to political signs, please contact the Department of Inspections Services.