Village Board Approves Purchase of Recycling Carts

The Village Board approved the purchase of recycling carts for the Village's curbside recycling program.  A letter was sent to all residents that are part of the curbside recycling program.  

The change is in response to requests from citizens for larger recycling containers, and the fact that the Village’s curbside recycling program collects less recyclables per capita than many of our neighboring communities.  The Village currently collects approximately 155 pounds of recyclable material per capita, whereas some of our nearby communities collect as much as 283 pounds per capita.  Increasing recycling results in more income from the sale of recycled material and reduces expenses paid for dumping material into a landfill, which could have been recycled. 

Attached is a copy of an updated letter about the change in the recycling program.

For additional information on the Village's Refuse and Recycling Programs click here.