Village Board Approves New Apartment Complex

General Capital Group and Robert Joseph Properties proposal for an apartment complex for the east side of the JC Penney property at Southridge Mall was approved by the Village Board on June 7th.

General Capital previously constructed the 90 unit Berkshire Greendale Senior Housing complex, also adjacent to Southridge Mall. The residential complex includes three buildings with a total of 160 apartments including underground parking.  The buildings will have a mix of one-bedroom, two-bedroom and (4) three-bedroom units.  Two of the buildings will access the Southridge Mall ring road and one 46 unit building will access 68th Street.

AG Architects designed the buildings.  The project boasts impressive features and finishes on both the interior and exterior. The complex includes 64 one-bedroom units, 92 two-bedroom units and 4 three-bedroom units, 182 underground parking spaces and 86 surface lot parking spaces.  The complex will include a clubhouse between the two buildings on the west side of the development, a courtyard will link the north and south buildings.  

The proposal has been developed to eliminate the former tire, auto center and remediate contamination on the site, enhance and/or stabilize the tax base, improve the vitality of the Southridge Mall area, attract new residents and build the Village's reputation and value.  This project is anticipated to add $20 million in assessed value when completed.

Please do not contact the Village Hall for information on renting the apartments, you may contact Annie from Joseph Property Development at

Site Plan

Site Plan

View of Apartments from 68th Street
View from 68th