Village Hall Update

Village Hall Update

village hall update

Greendale Village Hall
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Your bi-weekly news update from the Village of Greendale including important announcements, a look back at recent events and a look forward at the upcoming events in Greendale, Wisconsin. 



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Village Board Meeting in Review

At the February 6th Special Village Board meeting the Board approved:

  • The list of authorized financial institutions for the Village to use in 2017.
  • To bid out the following capital projects for 2017: reconstruct the tennis courts at the Community Center, repair the bridges on Schoolway & Clover and the following road projects: Greenway, Gardenway and bid out Doyle and Ramona as alternates.

At the February 7th Village Board meeting the Board approved:

  • An intergovernmental agreement between Milwaukee County and the Village of Greendale for Emergency Medical Services.

The Board denied the special use request to construct a wireless tower at 6101 S. 51st Street based on a number of findings as listed in Resolution R2017-02.

February 21st Village Board Meeting Preview

The Board will hold a public hearing on the draft of the Village’s Strategic plan:

The Board will review the following special event requests:

  • Run/fundraiser Greendale High School band
  • Turkey Trot Run/Walk
  • Chicago Ragnar Relay
  • Hallowings
  • American Legion permit for Village Days

The Board will also review the Fourth of July Fireworks contract with Melrose Pyrotechnics and a proclamation for Eagle Scout Jackson Ziegert.

To view the full agenda:

Other Information

Spring Primary Election: Tuesday February 21st  For additional information on this election please see the Village website:

Strategic Planning Process: In the Fall of 2016 the Village Board approved a draft of a strategic plan for the Village of Greendale.  Since that time the plan has been available for viewing on our website in order to seek public review and comments before the plan is adopted.  A public hearing is scheduled for the Tuesday February 21st Village Board meeting at 7:00 p.m.  If you would like to review the draft plan please click here: