Village Hall Update

Village Hall Update

village hall update

Greendale Village Hall
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Your bi-weekly news update from the Village of Greendale including important announcements, a look back at recent events and a look forward at the upcoming events in Greendale, Wisconsin. 


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Village Board Meeting in Review

At the February 6th Board meeting the Board approved an ordinance to approve direct payment of state property tax credits to the Village.  This ordinance addresses how the school levy property tax credit, lottery/gaming credit and the first dollar credit are distributed to the municipalities based on a provision in the State’s budget (2017 Wisconsin Act 59).  The Board also approved a temporary extension of premise from Panther Pub for the Winter Market during Winterfest February 24th at the Hose Tower.

February 20th Village Board Meeting Preview

The Board will consider approving:

  • A special use permit from Seritage for redevelopment of the Sears store at Southridge Mall to Dick’s Sporting Goods and a Round One Bowling/Entertainment.  A public hearing will be held on this item at the beginning of the meeting.
  • The Board will review the following special event applications: Turkey Trot Run/Walk, Saturday Night Fun on the Green Gazebo concerts, School’s Out Let’s Celebrate, Village Nites on the Green Gazebo Concerts, the Downtown Market, Hallowings and Village Days.
  • The Board will discuss the Village’s procedures for communicating to residents.

To view the full agenda:  

Other Information

Winterfest: Winterfest (9 am to 4 pm) is scheduled for Saturday February 24th in downtown Greendale and includes ice sculpting, a chili contest and a winter market at the Hose Tower (9am to 2 pm).