Village Hall Update

Village Hall Update

village hall update

Greendale Village Hall
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Your bi-weekly news update from the Village of Greendale including important announcements, a look back at recent events and a look forward at the upcoming events in Greendale, Wisconsin. 


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Village Board Meeting in Review

At the February 5th Board meeting the Board approved the following items:

  • An agreement with Milwaukee County to install emergency preemption on traffic signals at 76th Street and W. Grange Avenue.
  • To hire a consultant to perform a system analysis, specifications and project administration for the Public Works re-roofing project.
  • To add fireworks to the Village Days festivities on Thursday August 8th as a replacement for the parade that was canceled for 2019.

February 19th Village Board Meeting Preview

The Board will consider approving:

  • A special use/building permit for two sunrooms to be built at 5603-07 Azalea Court.
  • A special use/building permit for the tenant buildout of a TJ Maxx store at 5200 S. 76th Street
  • A special use/building permit to construct a Veteran’s Memorial on the property located at the northeast corner of Southway and Broad Street.
  • The solicitation of bids for the construction of the Veteran’s Memorial.
  • A parade permit for the Root River Hike or Bike from Badger Trails (April 27th)
  • An amended request for the Lions Club Family 4th Fest, to use the Gazebo Park for a bags tournament and request of a street closure during the event.
  • A special event request from the Greendale Lions and Greendale Entertainment Association for Village Days (Thursday August 8th - Sunday August 11th).

To view the full agenda:  

Other Information

Spring Primary Election: Tuesday February 19th, Polls open 7:00 am to 8:00 pm, The only item on the ballot is a primary for the School Board candidates.  To see a sample ballot, find out your polling location or other election information please click here:

Special Events

  • Greendale Education Foundation – Cheers to Education (food and beverage sampling event): Friday February 22nd, 6:00 pm, at the Library, 5647 Broad Street