Village Hall Update

Village Hall Update

village hall update

Greendale Village Hall
6500 Northway
Greendale, WI 53129

Your bi-weekly news update from the Village of Greendale including important announcements, a look back at recent events and a look forward at the upcoming events in Greendale, Wisconsin. 


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Village Board Meeting in Review

At the December 17th Board meeting the Board approved the following items:

  • An amended special use permit for the addition of a drive thru window for the proposed restaurant at 6601 Northway.
  • The 2020 trick or treat date/time and Halloween parade, which will be held Saturday October 31 from 4-7 pm, with the parade at 3:45 pm (line up at 3:30 pm).  
  • An increase in fees fo advanced and basic life support services from the Fire Department.
  • An agreement with the City of West Allis to provide Environmental Public Health Services for West Allis to continue providing this service in 2020 (licensing and inspections of restaurants, public pools, and inspection/education/consultation in the areas of lead poisoning, pest control, human health hazards, etc.)
  •  An ordinance amending Chapter 16 - the Electrical Code.
  • An ordinance amending various sections of the ordinance that reference Clerk-Treasurer due to the recent approval by the Board of splitting the Clerk-Treasurer position into a Clerk and a Treasurer/Finance Director.
  • A proclamation honoring Ryan Unruh for achieving the rank of Eagle Scout.
  • Terms of employment for the new Fire Chief Kenten Kais.

January 21st Village Board Meeting Preview

The Board will consider approving:

  • The purchase of a new police vehicle, as included in the 2020 Budget.
  • The purchase of a new camera server for the camera's on the Village facilities and the purchase of licensing for Microsoft 365, as included in the 2020 Budget.
  • A bioswale plan for Grange Avenue, which would make the maintenance more manageable with fewer plantings and fewer varieties.
  • A special event permit for the Trimborn Farm Arts and Crafts Fair (September 12th and 13th).
  • A special event permit for a St. Patrick's Day event, to replace the annual Winterfest celebration (March 14th).
  • An agreement with the Franklin School District to connect to their fiber optic cables, which will provide increased speed and provide future cost savings for internet services for Village facilities.
  • An agreement with the Village of Hales Corners for Greendale to provide building inspection services for Hales Corners.
  • A resolution restating the Village's commitment to create a more welcoming, kind and inclusive community.
  • An amendment to the Village's Salary and Benefit Resolution to amend benefits for the non-represented Fire Captains based on changes to the Fire Department union contract.
The Board will also discuss the current agreement with John's Disposal for processing of the Village's recyclable materials.

The Board will go into closed session to discuss the appointment of a Village Clerk and Southridge Mall and may return to open session to appoint a new Village Clerk.

To view the full agenda:  

Other Information:

FREE Memory Screen   
Are you concerned about your memory? It is important, as we get older, to recognize the changes we may experience, especially in relation to our memory. A cognitive screen/memory screen is defined as a wellness tool that helps identify possible changes in memory and cognition. It creates a baseline of where a person is at so that future changes can be monitored. This is not a diagnostic tool, but a screen that can provide early detection for dementia. The memory screen process is very simple in which you will be asked to answer some questions and complete a task. The screen takes about 15-30 minutes.  The memory screens will be provided by Candice LeGros, Dementia Care Specialist, Milwaukee County Aging and Disability Resource Center.  Please call (414-423-2110) to schedule your free memory screen, Thursday, February 6, 2020 at the Greendale Health Department, 5650 Parking Street.  Appointments are available from 9 am to 2:30 pm.  There is no cost for this screening.

Citizens Academy
The Greendale Police Department is proud to announce that it will be holding its first ever CITIZEN POLICE ACADEMY.

The goals of the Citizen Police Academy are to give the public a closer view of how the Department operates, to enhance the relationship between the Department and the community it serves, and to provide the public with a greater understanding of the profession of law enforcement.

The Citizen Police Academy is offered at no cost during 8 Wednesday evenings from 6:30pm to 9:00pm.

An application form, additional information and qualifications are available on the Village website here and at the front window of the Safety Center, with a deadline of February 10th. Hope to see you there!

Special Events

Cheers to Education: Friday February 21st, 6:00 pm - 8:30 pm at the Greendale Community Learning Center, A food and beverage pairing event supporting Greendale Schools