Elevated Storage Tank Replacement

Water Supply System Improvements

The Village’s water distribution system, portions of which were originally constructed in 1937, has aged to the point where EST Paintingsignificant system improvements are necessary.

On July 5th 2012 the Village approved plans to making significant water supply system improvements, which include:
  • Constructing a new 750,000 gallon elevated storage tank, adjacent to the existing tank built in 1937, and upon completion demolish the existing tank.
  • Constructing a new transmission main loop for the elevated storage tank.
  • Upgrading the existing 20-inch diameter supply main to allow operation at the new increased supply pressure.
  • Converting the existing booster pump station to a primary flow control station that will operate at the new increased supply pressure.
  • Upgrading the existing Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition System.
  • Abandoning and demolishing the two existing ground storage reservoirs. Tank 1 was built in 1964 and is 1.0 million gallons. Tank 2 was built in 1973 and is 1.5 million gallons.

The Village approved an agreement with Milwaukee Water Works to provide additional service to allow for the construction of a single larger storage tank. The current tank is 400,000 gallons and the new tank is proposed at 750,000 gallons.

The purpose of the improvements is to replace the existing elevated storage tank with a new elevated storage tank, replace the existing elevated storage tank transmission loop with a new transmission loop, upgrade the 20-inch diameter supply main so it can operate from the MWW Southwest Pressure District, convert the booster pump station to a flow control station, and abandon the two ground storage reservoirs. The proposed improvements to the water supply system will allow the Village of Greendale Water Supply System to meet the projected water supply needs of the Village to the year 2035 from the MWW Southwest Pressure District.

The water system supply improvements will result in a significant increase in water rates. The Village has asked the Wisconsin Public Service Commission for permission to raise rates in two steps. These steps will total an approximately 41% increase in water rates. The first step will increase the average users bill approximately 24%.

The Village currently has the second lowest water rates in Milwaukee County. The Village has been able to keep rates low for many years even as costs have increased, but can do so no longer because of these necessary system improvements. The chart below compares the Village’s current water rates for a typical residential user to the other Municipalities in Milwaukee County. The chart also shows how our new rates compare.

water rate compare