Inspection Services

Property Complaint Form

Code Enforcement is done on a complaint driven basis.Once a concern is reported, the department investigates. If there is a violation, the property owner is sent a letter with a time frame to make corrections.

Sump Pump Discharge-Regulations
Stormwater Management/Discharge-Regulations

All grass, tree, shrub and garbage related complaints should be submitted through the DPW forum.

Address of Complaint:
Complainant: Owner Occupant  Neighbor Other
Complainant Name:
Complainant Address:
Complainant Phone No.:  Email:
Have you contacted the owner regarding the complaint? Yes  No
If yes, did you place your concerns in writing? Yes  No
How long has the problem existed?
Complaintant Initials:

Notice regarding the right of entry for interior complaints:
By initialing this section of the form, the complainant represents that they  in control of the area or tenant space in question. In addition, the complainant is requesting an inspection by the Village of Greendale for enforcing the property maintenance or other Code ruirements in accordance with the Village of Greendale Municipal Code.