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Step Up to Better Health

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The goal of Step Up is to promote healthy activities and lifestyles for everyone who lives and works in the Village of Greendale. The Step Up team includes representatives from Greendale Health Department, Greendale School District, Greendale Park and Recreation Department, local business owners and community members. Volunteers are the most important part of this committee. If you would like to volunteer, please contact the Health Department. 
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Greendale Playground Challenge Passport 2018

Be a Super Kid! 

Check out the new Greendale Playground Challenge Passport for summer 2018.  This year’s challenge is an activity based challenge, sure to get you moving!
Stop by Greendale’s 12 parks between May 28th and September 3rd.  Follow the challenge instructions and complete the passport.
Turn in your completed passport to the Greendale Health Department by September 7th to be eligible for a prize drawing.

Greendale Playground Challenge Passports are available at the Greendale Health Department and Greendale Park & Rec.  Passports can also be downloaded by clicking the link below.


           Greendale Playground Challenge Passport 2018 - Be a Super Kid!

Greendale Step Up to Better Health FUN 5K Run or 2 Mile Walk Registration Form

10940374-10940374Free Walking at Greendale High School—Residents walk for FREE at the high school during the winter Park and Recreation session. Other times of the year there is a small fee. Register to participate at Greendale Park and Recreation Department. This program is offered through a partnership between Step Up, Greendale Health Department, Greendale School District, and Greendale Park and Recreation Department.  Look for new dates and times next winter!

 The program costs for this winter/spring walking program are sponsored by the “Step Up To Better Health-Greendale Health Department”… thank you to them for their generous donation to make this FREE program possible!




FREE Greendale Walking Map---Stop in at the Health Department
or Library and pick up your Greendale Walking Map. This map has 10 color-coded walking routes with distances noted.