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Important Update 6/12/20  
Health Officer Letter

Please click the link to see our Health Officer letter regarding  Recommendations to Safely and Responsibly Re-Open Greendale.

On May 19, 2020, the Greendale Health Department issued guidelines for businesses and organizations to assist them with safe reopening.  In reviewing Milwaukee County's gating criteria as well as local Greendale data, the indicators show promising trends.  Thus, the Greendale Health Department recommendations for safe gathering and reopening have moved to Phase C. 

Businesses should only move through the phases of this guideline when they feel confident they can protect the health and safety of their staff and customers at each particular level.  It is up to each of us to play our part in protecting ourselves, our families, our customers, and our community moving forward.

Resources for Reopening

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Public Health Officials will continue to monitor key COVID-19 indicators and will communicate to the public regarding via social media which phase we are currently in and if we are approaching the transition to a new phase.

Revised: May 20, 2020

Recommendations for a Phased Approach to Reopening Greendale

The Greendale Health Department’s mission is to protect the safety and health of the community by supplying accurate health information, building collaborative partnerships, and providing services that enhance health and prevent illness.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, information about the virus was updated frequently, as this was a brand-new virus, unknown to the world prior to this outbreak.  The Greendale Health Department continues to base all recommendations on the most up-to-date scientific information.  

The Greendale Health Department recommends a “phased approach” to reopening the Village of Greendale.  This phased approach minimizes our community’s risk of exposure to the virus while supporting our community’s way to get back to business.

The following five measures will be evaluated weekly in order to help make recommendations on moving through the phases and reopening Greendale and the ability to move between phases will be assessed every 2 weeks:

  1. COVID-19 cases:  Is there a downward trend of positive cases?
  2. Testing:  Are all residents with symptoms able to be tested for the virus?
  3. Hospital care:  Do area hospitals have the capacity to treat all patient requiring hospitalization?
  4. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE):  Do hospital staff have an adequate amount of PPE to safely provide care?  PPE includes N95 masks, gowns, and hand sanitizer.
  5. Contact tracing: Are all resident who test positive for the virus interviewed within 24 hours of the test result?  Are all close contacts interviewed within 48 hours of the test result?

Milwaukee County Emergency Management posts current information on each of the five measures on their website using a color-coded alert system:

  • Green    Excellent result
  • Yellow:    Proceed with caution
  • Red:        Measure is a concern

 If all the measures are green or yellow, the Greendale Health Department will recommend moving to the next phase of reopening.  For example, on May 22, 2020, we moved from Phase A to Phase B because we had all yellow and green measures.  We will assess the measures again in 2 weeks. If more than half the measures are green and none of them are red, we will recommend moving to Phase C.  We will then continue with recommendations in Phase C until widespread protection (for example: a vaccine) is available.    

COVID-19 Resources

WI Department of Health Services COVID-19 Guidance & Resources

Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation- Reopening

Resilient Wisconsin website (stress and resiliency)

Recommendations to Safely and Responsibly Re-Open Greendale

The Village of Greendale Health Department is on limited services due to COVID 19. We would like to offer several resources for you during this time.

Do you want the total confirmed Milwaukee county cases? 

Confirmations by municipality? Other COVID-19 data? 
Milwaukee County has a dashboard for COVID-19 that is
updated daily at 7:30am and 2:30pm.
For twice a day data go to Milwaukee County Office of Emergency Management. To get the latest counts, click on the bottom to view the full-screen version

Milwaukee County COVID-19 Dashboard

Take a look at the menu to the left, we have all the current information from the CDC. Click on CoronaVirus Disease 2019 Current CDC information. 


                                                     COVID insurance for social media                                                                      covid testing for social media

                                                                              Testing FAQ
Are you in need of food? Saint Alphonsus Parish 6060 West Loomis Road has an emergency food pantry. They serve the areas north of Rawson Ave., south of Layton Ave, west of 35th Street, and east of 92nd Street.  Call 414-514-4400 for an appointment. 

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  Hunger Task Force
has a COVID 19 response to hunger.
or call 414-777-0483

                              CA logo_tagline

Community Advocates has a list of resources in response to COVID-19,
including domestic violence services, emergency shelter, energy assistance, advocates for renters and landlords, employment and unemployment resources, food, school health care, utilities, Internet and childcare assistance, and  mental health resources.
 or call

Do you know a senior that may need a meal? Many seniors depend on their senior club for lunch. This may be their only meal. Below are the directions for you to help yourself, your relative, your friend, or your neighbor. 

Senior Dining Curbside Meals_Page_1Senior dining 2

Are you and older adult in need of help? Do you know an older adult, a friend, neighbor, or relative that needs help? Call the Aging Resource of Milwaukee, 414-289-6874

Flyer on MCDA Services

Not sure where to turn? 211 is here for you. They have COVID-19, crisis and emergency management, disaster assistance, essential needs, and much more,  Go to:
or call

IMPACT is a private non-profit organization that has served Southeastern Wisconsin for 60 years.

IMPACT helps people take the first step toward changing their life, for good. We assess and guide those experiencing personal crisis toward resources to achieve stability; and collaborate with community partners to foster system improvement.
IMPACT 211 was a dedicated COVID 19 page: 


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Connecting People to People 

We may be isolated, but we don’t have to be alone.Sometimes, just hearing a friendly voice on the other end of the line can help in challenging times. AARP Friendly Voices are trained AA
RP volunteers who will provide a call to say hello.

Two ways to request a call for you or a loved one:

If you are in crisis, please see our Helpline page for resources. Learn more about AARP Community Connections.

The goal of this program is to encourage year-round personal and   
community preparedness for disasters, disease outbreaks, and human caused emergencies.  

Stop by the Greendale Health Department each month for your FREE item! (limited supply)

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To register or learn more about programs or events

  call the health department at: 414-423-2110 

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