Health Department

Health Department

Playground Passport Challenge 2017!

If you have not recieved a Playground Passport
stop by the Greendale Health Department to pick up
a copy!

Completed Passports returned to the Health Department
by September 8th will be entered into a prize drawing
September 11th. 

passport challenge 2017 

Summer Heat Safety

As summer begins, Greendale Health Department would like to remind you that too much heat can be dangerous, but heat-related illnesses and deaths are preventable. As the heat rises, follow these simple tips to stay cool:

  • stay hydrated and eat lightly
  • wear light colored and loose-fitting clothes
  • limit physical activity in times of high heat
  • never leave children, pets, or disabled persons in a parked car
  • take a cool shower or bath to cool down

Check your local news for extreme heat alerts and utilize the Greendale Public Library located in the Community Learning Center or Southridge Mall as places to seek air-conditioned shelter in times of high heat. If you have heat-related questions, please contact the Greendale Health Department at 414-423-2110.

Other resources:

Ready Wisconsin resources on heat -

CDC’s Extreme Heat and Your Health -

The Community Gardens are GROWING! All the plants are doing great and some gardeners
are already harvesting veggies and herbs! The picture on the left is from the begining of June and the picure on the right is from the second week of July, WOW.

community gardenJulygarden