Water Billing

Combined Water/Sewer Billing is done quarterly in January, April, July and October. Landlords and/or renters need to call for a final meter reading when a decision to move has been made. Water/sewer bills can be paid in person, in the postage free drop box located in the Village Hall parking lot, or by mail. Please include the bill stub when payment is made.

Automatic Payment
We are pleased to announce that the Village is now offering the option of automatic payment of Water and Sewer Utility bills. Residents have the option of having the Village deduct their Water and Sewer Utility payments directly from the bank of their choice.  To Sign Up print, then fill out and sign the application here and include a voided check. Provide the financial institution information for your savings or checking account.

Mail the application and a voided check to the Village at 6500 Northway, PO Box 257, Greendale, WI 53129. Upon receipt of the application, the Village will return a copy of it to you along with an acknowledgement letter. Continue to pay your Water and Sewer Utility bill in person or by mail in the normal manner until the bill you receive indicates that you are participating in the automatic payment plan.

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